Industrial Control Product

Technical Parameter

Temperature compensation-5~+40℃
Trip grade   10AJRS1-25
Rated isolation voltage UiV660V
Product features
Overpower protectionHave
Open-phase protectionHave
Manual resetHave
Automatic resetWithout
Stop buttonHave
Test buttonWithout
Trip indicationHave
Inclination of installation surface and vertical surface±5°
Auxiliary circuit
Use categoryAC-15
Rated frequency50
Rated Ui of isolation voltage500
Rated working voltage Ue V220 / 380
Rated working current Ie A1.64 / 0.95
Agreed heating current A normally open6 / 6
                                         normally close6 / 6
Product certificationCCC


JRS1-25 Mounting Base – JRS125J

JRS1-80 Mounting Base – JRS180J

Installation Dimensions (mm)

Outline and Installation Dimension Drawing of RS1-25 / F

Outline and Installation Dimension of RS1-25/Z

Outline and Installation Dimension of RS1-80/F

Outline and Installation Dimension of RS1-80/Z

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