Industrial Control Product

Normal Operation and Installation Conditions

1) The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40°C, and is not below -5°C, and the average value within 24 hours does not exceed +35°C.
2) The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m.
3) Atmospheric conditions:
The relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50% when the highest ambient temperature is +40°C, anda higher relative humidity is allowed at lower temperatures, such as 90% at 20°C. Protective measures shall beaken for condensation occasionally occurred due to temperature changes.
4) The installation position shall be vertical, and the inclination angle at each direction shall not exceed 5°.

5) Installed at a place where there is no impact, vibration, and rain or snow erosion.
6) Pollution level: Level 3.
7) Installation category: Class III.
8) Rated impact withstand voltage Wimp:6000V.
9) Protection grade: IP20. (except wiring terminals)

Normal Storage and Transport Conditions

1) Temperature: -25C +55°C:
2) Relative humidity : <95%.(3) During the transport, please handle the product gently, and do not upside it down, and prevent the productfrom harsh collision.


Carry out regular maintenance and remove the dust deposited on the thermal overload relay in time The thermal overload relay should be tested regularly to ensure that its action mechanism is flexibleand the normally open and normally closed contacts are in good contactTerminal screw torque: Auxiliary contact: 1.2N.m

Main circuit: JRS1Ds-25:1.7 N.m
IRS1Ds-36:1.7 N.m
IRS1Ds-93:10 N.m

Main Technical Parameters

Temperature compensation-5C ~+40℃
Trip level10AJRSIDs-25、36
Rated insulation voltage (Ui)660V
Product features
Overload protectionYes
Phase-failure protectionYes
Manual resetYes
Automatic resetYes
Stop buttonYes
Test buttonYes
Trip indicationYes
Tolerance on slope in any direction±5°
Auxiliary circuit
Use CategoryAC-15DC-13
Rated frequency                          Hz505050
Rated insulation voltage               Ui V500500500
Rated operational voltage             Ue  V220380220
Rated operational current              le A1.640.950.15
Ith A NO
Conventional thermal Current
Product CertificationCCC、CE


Safety Notice

Please carefully read this instruction before the installation, operation, run, maintenance, and inspection, andfollow the contents of the instruction to properly install and operate this product.

Danger: Do not operate the relay with your wet hands;

Do not touch the energized parts during operation; Mark sure that the product is de-energized during the maintenance and service.


The installation, maintenance and service shall be performed by the qualified professional;Before installation, please confirm that the rated operating current value of the motor is within the settingcurrent adjustment range of the thermal relay:It is not suitable for overload protection of motors with frequent reversible operation or on-off For heavy.duty starting motors (starting time greater than 2s), easures should be taken to keep the thermal relay awayfrom the startin


All fasteners except wiring screws cannot be rotated;Please tighten the terminals regularly:Do not let foreign objects fall into the product;
If found damage or abnormal sound when unpacking, please stop the operation immediately and contactthe supplier;When scrapping the product, please dispose the product waste properly.

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