Motor Control and Protection

  • JZC4s Contactor Type Relay
  • JZC4s Contactor Type Relay

JZC4s Contactor Type Relay

The new CJX2s series of motor control and protection products adopt a new generation of technology platform, the application of automatic production and testing equipment, and effectively meet the actual application needs of customers, and achieve convenient use and quality of the country's leading products. The series includes CJX2s AC contactor, JRS1Dsp thermal overload relay, JZC4s contactor relay, CDC19s switching capacitor contactor, CDS2s electromagnetic starter five series and their accessories.


Rated Insulation Voltage Ui (V)690
Conventional Heating Current Ith (A)10
Rated Working Current le (A)AC-15 380V: 0.95
DC-13 220V: 0.15
Electrical Life (ten thousand times)110
Operation Frequency (times/hour)1200
Product CertificationCCC、CE、SEMKO
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