Industrial Control Product

  • KG316T Series Digital Time Switch
  • KG316T Series Digital Time Switch

KG316T Series Digital Time Switch


Range of productKG316T
Product or component typeDigital Time Switch
Device applicationControl
Mechanical durability1000000 cycles
Electrical durability100000 cycles


Rated insulation voltage UiAC 380V
Rated impulse withstand voltage UimpAC 1.5KV
Each rated working voltage Ue/rated working current Ie under the use category:AC-15Ue/Ie:AC 240V/3AUe/Ie:AC380V/1.9A
Conventional thermal current Ith:10A
Rated control power supply voltage Us:AC50/60Hz:220V、380V
Load powerResistive load: 6KW
Inductive load: 1.8KW
Motor load: 1.2KW
Lamp load: 0.9KW
Daily travel time error<=+-2s
16 open and 16 close actions can be set every day
The maximum time control is 168 hours, and the minimum time control is 1 minute
For more technical details, please check the attached catalogue.
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