Power Distribution Products

  • LMK5-0.66 Series Current Transformer
  • LMK5-0.66 Series Current Transformer

LMK5-0.66 Series Current Transformer

LMK5-0.66150/5 to LMK5-0.665000/5 series current transformers are mainly suitable for indoor devices, rated voltage 0.66kV and below, rated frequency 50Hz AC circuit for current, electric energy measurement or relay protection. The height of this series of products is increased, the busbar is installed with a fixed bracket, and the four corners of the product are designed with attachment installation positions, which brings better experience for users


National StandardGB 20840,1&2
CertificationCPA 2019E764-33
Accuracy Class0.5、0.2、0.5s、0.2s
Rated Voltage0.66kv
Rated Primary Current150/5A-5000/5A
Rated Secondary Current5A
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