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33kV Generator Open Type Combination Appliances

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ZW10-33 Open Type Combination Appliances

ZCW10-33/T600-31.5 Open type combined appliances are complete set of combined equipment, using air as insulation, SF6 gas as arc extinguishing medium, for controlling and protection of three-phase AC 33KV transmission and distribution systems, suitable for industrial and mining enterprises substation, mountain substation.

33kv generator

Working Environment
This 33kv generator is an outdoor product and can also be used indoors
The environmental conditions are as follows
1. Altitude:not more than 2000 meters
2. Ambient temperature:-30°C~+40°C (special requirements -40°C~+40°C )
3. Relative humidity:daily average is not greater than 95%, monthly average is not greater than 90%(25°C )
4. Wind speed:no more than 35 m/s
5. The pollution level is II , the creepage distance of porcelain sleeve is greater than 1050mm (nominal creepage distancemore than 25mm/KV)
6. No flammable, explosive, chemical corrosion and severe vibration occasions
7. Earthquake intensity:no more than 8 degrees
8. The thickness of the ice shoes shall not exceed 10mm
Main Technical Parameters
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Appearance and Installation Dimensions
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