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low voltage switchboard

CDGGD1 Type Distribution Low Voltage AC Switchgear

CDGGD1 AC low voltage distribution switchgear (hereinafter referred to as distribution switchgear) is used in power plant, electric power substation and industrial and mining enterprises, for purposes of electric energy conversion, distribution and control in the power distribution system of 50Hz AC, 380V rated operational voltage and rated operational current up to 5000A, used as power, lightening and switching equipment.
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Low voltage ac switchgear is used in power plant, electric power substation and industrial and mining enterprises, for purposes of electric energy conversion, distribution and control in the power distribution system of 50Hz AC, 380V rated operational voltage and rated operational current up to 5000A, used as power, lightening and switchi g equipment.

Model and Meaning

Model and Meaning


Formed steel and partial welded. In order to meet the dimension accuracy and quality, the frame work fittings and special fittings are supplied by indicated manufactory. General cabinet fittings are designed by modular method. There are 20 modular mounting holes. It has a high universal coefficient. Therefore, it enables factories to realize preproduction, shorten the production and increase the work efficiency. The heat-dissipation issue is taken into consideration during designation. There are numbers of heat dissipation holes on the upper and lower plates. When the electric components heat, causing temperature to rise. The hot air goes out through upper holes, while cold air comes from lower holes. The formation of circulation system can dissipate heat.

In terms of modern industrial product design standard, the switchgear dimension and other parts are designed in golden ratio. Therefore, the switchgear with elegant appearance may offer you a kind of refreshing feeling. Connected with the frame work with rotating shaft type movable hinge, the switchgear door is easy to install and unload. The edge fold areas of the door are all embedded with rubber and plastic strips in the shape of Chinese character"山There is a certain compression stroke between the door and insertion strip of the frame work when closing the door. It prevents the door and cabinet from knock-on collision.

The instrument gate with electric elements is connected with the frame work by multiple annealed copper wires. Thus the entire switchgear forms a complete earthting protection circuit. Switchgear coat is polyester orange shape baking finish which has perfect adhesion and favorable tactile sensation. Color of the cabinet is matt. Therefore, it avoids the glare effect and creates a comfortable visual for operators. For convenient in-site assembling and adjusting of main busbar, the top plate of switchgear can be removed whennneeded. Lifting lugs on the four corners for lifting and transportation. Low voltage power switchgear has a protection level of IP30. Users can choose from IP20 to IP40 according to actual requirements of the environmental conditions.

Technical parameters

Primary circuit scheme

Distribution switchgear primary circuit scheme and inside main electric components refer to Table 2. For main schemes, technical statements are shown as below,

Primary components selection

Distribution switchgear has a wide range of application. Based on the principle of security, economical efficiency, reasonableness and reliability, old style and poor performance components are not permitted. Products produced by our company with excellent technical performance are used in recent years. Meanwhile several kinds of classic products are kept in the switchgear. Since switchgear structure has excellent flexibility of installation, even if some products are to be eliminated as required by relevant competent department or some users make any specific requirements, it will not be difficult to replace or update the componets inside the distribution switchgear.

Type of incoming line

In order to satisfy different incoming line ways of dilferent engineering designs, incoming line modes of the distribution cabinet include the common modes of incoming line from the upside and the underside, from left side, middle part and right side of the cabinet top and rear end of the cabinet.


Distribution switchgear is equipped with a good natural air circulation system for solving the problems of temperature rising and derating when components are installed inside the sealed cabinet. Experienced with much verification, we confirmed of the success of air circulation system design. Therefore, when selecting distribution switchgear, similar components can be installed in open-type cabinet, as well as the derating coefficient can be referred to the common design.

Reactive power automatic compensation cabinet

For the purpose to match the switchgear when customer chooses this series of switchgear, there is another product in this series called reactive power compensation switchgear (refer to as GGJ). Dimension of the GGJ is the same as GGD1. See its primary circuit scheme in Table 2.

Outline dimension and mounting dimension

Outline dimension of GGD1 AC low voltage distribution switchgear is shown in Figure 1, mounting dimension in Figure 2

Working environment

1 Sea level elevation of mounting and working place shall not exceed 2000m;

2 Ambient temperature shall be below +40°C and no less than -5 °C . Average temperature during 24 hours shall not be higher than +35°C ;

3 Indoor relative humidity shall not be higher than 90% (when the temperature is 25°C );

4 A place without conductive dust and gas that may corrode the metal and destroy the insulating performance;

5 A place without the dangers of fire hazard or explosion;

6 A place without severe vibration or jounce; Vertical inclination degree of such place shall be no more than 5;

7 For any specific using requirements, please notify the factory in advance when you order it.

Ordering information

When ordering, please provide following material and data:

1 Complete model number of product (including code of main circuit scheme and code of auxiliary circuit scheme)

2 Main circuit system sequential combinetion diagram

3 Electric schematic diagram of auxiliary circuit

4 List of components in the switchgear

5 For any specific product requirement, please notify us in advance.

Special declaration

The product of our company has passed the National Quality CCC Certification. Short-time withstand currents are 50kA, 65kA and 80kA.

Main circuit scheme

GGD1 includes 49 schemes and 123 specifications (see Table 2)