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cabinet power supply
cabinet power supply
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GGD-CDCE9 Compensation Power Supply Cabinet

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cabinet power supplycabinet power supply


Local reactive power compensation
The power supply cabinet is flexible and convenient to use, and can be used without special boxes, cabinets, and without additional controllers. This capacitor compensation cabinet can realize small-capacity reactive power automatic compensation in various occasions, and the effect is ideal.

In box substation
In box substation, it is assembled into the reactive power automatic compensation device with block type, or combined with the integrated measurement and control device of the distribution transformer, it is assembled into the distribution inspection and measurement system and the reactive power automatic compensation system, which occupies little space, is easy to install, easy to maintain and adjust the capacity.

In new outdoor distribution transformer JP cabinet
It is applied to the reactive power automatic compensation of the 0.4kV voltage feeder terminal. Small size, better use of the space of the JP cabinet.

In low-voltage switchgear
The products are assembled in the cabinet and form areactive power automatic compensation device, which breaks the structural mode of the existing reactive power automatic compensation device. The compact size , the same cabinet can compensate for more capacity, easy installation, convenient maintenance, each intelligent. The operating condition indication and display on the capacitor allows manual retraction of a single unit without the need for additional manual operation.

CDCE 9 series low voltage capacitor compensation device in low voltage power capacitor as the main body, the software and hardware technology, micro sensor technology, microelectronics miniature network technology and electrical appliance manufacturing technology such as the latest technological achievements, the intellectualization, realizing the low voltage reactive power compensation function and convenient for, protection, measurement, signal, online, etc. Series of functions, is a breakthrough of the low voltage reactive power automatic compensation technology, flexible use in low voltage reactive power compensation of various occasions, to change the structure of the existing low voltage reactive power compensation equipment and automaticmode.

GGD-CDCE9 series low-voltage intelligent capacitor compensation device has the characteristics of flexible compensation mode, good compensation effect, small size, low power consumption, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life and high reliability, which can meet users' fine requirements for reactive power compensation to improve power factor, improve power quality and energy saving loss.

cabinet power supply

Product Features

Intelligent network
This product is a main control type product, which can realize active control of the product without additional controller.
Self-test self-regulation
Total compensation priority optimization

Operating passing zero
Synchronous switching s witching, voltage zero - crossing input, current zero - crossing cutting, switching no inrush current.

Explosion-proof patent
Product built-in explosion-pro of devic e, high reliability.

Invention patent: CN201510299889.2

Small size
The product is small, sta ndardized and modular.
■ For example: GGD-CDCE9-450/10.10, Dimensions:W80mm * L360mm * H272mm

Nine protections
■ The product has 9 protection functions: undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, undercurrent protection, overcurrent protection, unbalance protection, power failure protection, Phase loss protection, capacitor discharge protection, over temperature protection.
■ Safe, reliable, and meticulous

Easy maintenance
■ LCD display Chinese display protection action type;
■ Smart capacitors have self-diagnostics;
■ The fault content is reflected on the LCD screen, which is good for on-site fault finding;

■ Capacitor damage requires a simple and quick replacement of the unit.

Selection Guide

Selection Guide

Main product model specifications

Main product model specifications

Ordering instructions:
When selecting the type, the special specification capacity can be negotiated.

Common compensation products, 5-40kvar other capacity can be customized.

Split compensation products, other capacity within 5-30kvar can be customized.

Communication line ordering coding rule

Communication line ordering coding rule

The communication line is used for communication between two adjacent smart capacitors in the same network (cabinet). The communication line is an 8-core conventional network cable. The product body comes with a 20cm network cable. Customers can customize it if they need other sizes.

Secondary transformer order coding rules

Secondary transformer order coding rules

Secondary transformer order coding rulesSecondary transformer order coding rules

When the product is used as active control for reactive power com pensation, the secondary curren t transformer for sampling must be configured. (≤ 20 units)
The secondary current transformer is used for current sampling , and the secondary current (0-5A) of the primary current transformer of the incoming line cabinet is again converted. It is a (0~5mA) current signal.

A system of secondary transformers with one:
Only a total complemented network system is equipped with a single-hole secondary current transformer;
The networking system with sub-compensation is equipped with a three-hole secondary current transformer.
This accessory is not required when networked with an external controller(JKGPJ).

Secondary transformer order coding rules

Hole diameter: φ5mm

External controller-JKGPJ

■ This product is an integrated controller for reactive power compensation and power distribution monitoring. It integrates data acquisition, communication, reactive power compensation, grid parameter measurement, analysis and other functions.
■ Using RS485 communication mode, it can be used as external controller to communicate with up to 31 GGD-CDCE9 products.
■ Standard one-meter 3 meter communication line (one end RJ11 interface, one end RJ45 interface)

JKGPJ controller

Technical parameter

Overall and Installation Dimensions (mm)

Product Specifications
Working conditions
■ Ambient temperature (normal condition): -25°C 〜40°C
■ Storage temperature: -25 C - 55°C (within 24h, up to 70°C )
■ Altitude: < 2000m
■ Relative humidity: 40°C , 20% - 90%
■ Rated voltage (common compensation): AC400
■ Rated voltage (split compensation): AC230
■ Voltage deviation: ± 20%
■ Voltage waveform: sine wave, the total distortion rate is not more than 5%
■ Working frequency: 50Hz soil 1.5Hz
Reactive power compensation parameter
■ Switching structure: synchronous switch
■ Capacitor switching in terval: ≤ 0s~180s (can be set)
■ Network connection: online ≤ 20 sets
Error requirement
■ Voltage measurement: ≤ 0.6%
■ Current measurement: ≤ 1.0%
■ Power measurement: ≤ 2.5%
■ Power factor measurement: ± 0.01
■ Temperature measurement: ± 1°C
Product performance
■ Over temperature protection: 40°C -80°C adjustable (factory setting is 80°C )
■ Switching inrush current: ≤ 3ln
■ Withstand voltage shock: ≥ AC3500V (DC5000V)
■ Operation noise: ≤ 70dB (A sound level)
■ Power consumption: Standby ≤ 4VA (led)
■ Control accuracy: 100%
■ lake and cut allowed times: 1 million times or more (with load)
■ Annual failure rate: ≤ 0.1%
■ Standard: GB/T 15576
■ Certificate: CCC
Product parameters
-No this option
■ Standard
1. The temperature means that when the internal temperature of the product exceeds the set value during the use, the product will automatically exit the operation, which can effectively protect the product, and the customer can adjust according to their actual use requirements.(40°C ~80°C )
Controller display and function
LCD type common compensation operation interface
LCD type split compensation operation interface
Overall and Installation dimensions
Common-compensation — Installation and dimensions
Split-compensation 一 Installation and dimensions
Product installation and dimensions (mm)
Product installation instruction
Terminal definition and arrangement diagram
Power line connection
1. The power line selects multi-core copper conductors with appropriate cross-sectional area according to the total capacity of the product. Capacitors with a total capacity of 40kvar or more should adopt multi-core copper conductors with a cross-section of 16mm², and otherspecifications can use multi-core copper conductors of 10mm²;
2. Attention: When connecting the power line, you must select the copper wire of the corresponding specification, tighten the screw, and pull the power cord firmly to ensure that the connection is very firm before use, otherwise the terminal will be excessively heated, which will eventually lead to product damage. The sub-compensated smart capacitor must be connected to the neutral line, and the wire diameter specification is the same as the three-phase power supply.
Signal line connection
1. The secondary current signal line is connected by a network cable;
2. The RS485 communication line adopts the plug-in connection of the network cable, and the two smart capacitors can be directly connected by the communication line accessories
Indicator terminal wiring
If the user has the requirements for the output capacitor status indicator, the external indicator can be as follows:
1. Common compensation: C1 (terminal) and C2 (terminal) are the active signal output terminals of the two sets of capacitor switching status indicators. The C1 and C2 outputs are connected to one end of two AC 380V indicators, and the other end of the indicator light. Connect to phase B (or phase C).
2. Split-compensation : Ca (terminal), Cb (terminal), Cc (terminal) are the active signal output terminals of the threephase capacitor switching status indicator of the supplementary A, B and C. Ca, Cb, and Cc are connected to one end of three AC 220V indicators, and the other end of the indicator is connected to the common terminal (N).
Current transformer wiring
Primary CT installation position
Secondary CT installation
1) Common compensation
Pass the B-phase primary CT output line through the single-hole secondary CT configured by the company, and the secondary CT outputs a terminal cable port. When multiple networked networks are running, only the secondary CT needs to be connected to the host, and the slave only needs to be connected to the host through the network cable;
2) Split-compensation
The A-phase, B-phase, and C-phase primary CT output lines are respectively passed through the three-hole secondary CT configured by the company, and the secondary CT output end is connected to the network cable port. When multiple networked networks are running, only the secondary CT needs to be connected to the host, and the slave only needs to be connected to the host through the network cable.
WARNING: Primary CT sampling (7A1A, TA1B, TA1C) should be installed in front of the capacitor and load in front of the contact (at the bus), and pay attention to the phase sequence.
Ground wire connection
There is a grounding mark at the grounding wire. The grounding wire is a copper wire with a cross-sectional area of not less than 2.5 mm². The grounding must be reliable and connected to the external grounding terminal.
Product application wiring diagram
Single unit common compensation wiring diagram (single unit local compensation 1)
List: (For example: common compensation of 40kvar)
Single Split-compensation wiring diagram (single unit local compensation 2)
List: (For example: Split-compensation of 30kvar)
Product application wiring diagram
CDCE 9 active control uses multiple three -phase common -compensation (centralized compensation 1)
List: ( For example: common compensation of 160kvar)
GGD-CDCE9 active control uses multiple three-phase mixed-compensation (centralized compensation 2)
List: (For example: mixed-compensation 140kvar)
Product application wiring diagram
External controller (JKGPJ ) uses multiple three -phase mixed compensation (centralized compensation 3)
List: ( For example: mixed-compensation of 160kvar)
For total common compensation, please refer to this application mode for wiring.