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GGJ Reactive Power Compensation Low Voltage Cabinet

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Product description

Since the low voltage cabinet can effectively improve the power factor of the power load, reduce the line loss, improve the actual load capacity of the transformer, and has significant energy saving effect, and adopting a specific reactor in the system, the harmonic amplification and effective absorption can be effectively prevented. Most of the harmonic currents make the harmonic voltage total distortion rate limit and the harmonic current content limit meet the national standards and achieve the purpose of harmonic control.


Low voltage cabinet such as substations, production workshops and civil buildings of industrial and mining enterprises, it is especially suitable for transmission and distribution systems with frequent load changes and unstable reactive power.


GB/T1 5576-2008 , IEC60439

Model and Meaning

Conditions of Use

1. Ambient temperature: -5°C〜+40°C
2. Ambient relative humidity: ≤90% (20°C )
3. Altitude: ≤2000m
4. No danger of explosion in the surrounding gas that can damage and corrode the conductive dust. The installation site is not easy to vibrate violently, and no rain or snow erosion.

Product features

1. General performance, can be combined with any cabinet at home and abroad, such as MNS, GCK, GGD, etc.;
2. Capacitor compensation combination is flexible. It has Y-type , △ -type and Y + △ combination compensation mode;
3. Diversity of communication methods. With RS-232/485 communication interface, wireless data transmission module or GPRS module to implement long-distance communication;

4. Safe control. The voltage zero-crossing trigger is implemented, and no inrush current is cut off by zero when inputting, and no high voltage is generated when breaking;
5. Long service life, It is up to 100,000 hours without maintenance.

Technical characteristics

1. Automatically compensate reactive power and improve power factor. 2. Improve equipment efficiency and save investment.
3. Reduce distribution line and transformer losses.
4. Change the voltage quality, reliability of the power supply.

Technical parameters

System schematic example

Ordering Instruction

1 .Main circuit schematic diagram
2.Compensation capacity and compensation mode
3.Reactive power control: intelligent control, or manual control;
4.Cabinet electrical components brand, and Whether reactor installation is required;; 5.Cabinet size
6.Other special requirements can be negotiated with the manufacturer.