One Meter For One Household Transformation Solution

Publish Time: 2023-12-28 11:29:24     Author: DELIXI

In order to improve the quality of electricity, avoid the phenomenon of extra price arbitrarily charged in addition to the electricity price, and also avoid the economic losses caused to residents due to electricity stealing, most of residential users have achieved "one meter for one household" since the "one meter for one household" transformation for residential users are implemented in 1998, and the quality of electricity consumption has improved significantly. However, in urban-rural fringe areas in some urban zones, there is still a certain amount of power supply transfer and combined meter users. Power grid companies at all levels took the special action as an opportunity and strengthen communication and coordination with local governments to include the "one meter for one household" transformation into the important people-benefit project, and Delixi Electric also actively participated in it.

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