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Delixi is a global leader in power transmission and distribution, providing high-voltage power transformers and distribution transformers. These products are designed to meet the reliability, durability, and efficiency required for utility, industrial, and commercial applications. Delixi offers oil-immersed (liquid-filled) transformers and dry type transformers that are manufactured according to the strictest international standards and industry demands.

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Delixi’s power transformers support a wide range of voltage classes and applications. Delixi offers power transformers with rated capacities from 50KVA-1600KVA, 630KVA-31500KVA, 2000KVA-20000KVA. Our products are designed to handle three-phase power and feature a double winding design with off-load and non-off-load voltage regulation as per the application scenario. 

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Delixi offers a wide range of distribution transformers to support a variety of applications. Our products include single-phase and three-phase solutions, as well as amorphous metal distribution transformers and fully sealed distribution oil-immersed transformers, offering distribution transformers with rated capacities of 30KVA-2500KVA, 50KVA-2500KVA, 50KVA-1600KVA, 800KVA-20000KVA for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Top 3 reasons to choose Delixi for transformers

Wide Range of Solutions

From electric power plants, power transmission systems, substations, industrial power, commercial and residential power, transport, urban infrastructure, we have a solution for you.

Delixi custom transformers

Delixi transformers are customised to meet the harsh environments or complex conditions of various application scenarios. Delixi transformers offer the advantages of stable performance, high efficiency and low losses.

The most trusted partner for transformers

With 50 years of experience in solving power transmission and distribution solutions, Delixi Electric and Schneider are technically strong partners, and Delixi is committed to creating a closed loop of the best customer experience globally, from solutions to manufacturing to maintenance.

Advantages of Delixi oil-immersed transformers

High quality materials

Delixi’s oil-immersed transformers are made from high quality materials, which ensure durability and long-lasting performance maintenance. The inclusion of quality materials is especially important when faced with severe working conditions and high loads, which can greatly extend the life of the product.

Long life

Delixi transformers are characterised by a long lifespan, which means that companies can reap long-term rewards from a single investment. The long life design also means fewer repairs and less need for maintenance, resulting in a higher efficiency ratio and lower overall operating costs.


The maintenance-free design of Delixi transformers saves organisations from investing in O&M and reduces the consumption of manpower and capital. And, thanks to its superior design, it also saves power during operation.

Easy to install

The one-piece design makes Delixi transformers easy to install, reducing the complexity of the project and saving valuable time for site staff.

Transformer workshop

Low noise

Delixi transformers produce extremely low noise during operation, which is particularly important in applications where environmental noise must be taken into account, such as hospitals, schools and residential areas. This reduces noise pollution and at the same time enhances the comfort of the surroundings.

Suitable for all environments

Delixi transformers are able to operate stably in a variety of environments, whether it be harsh outdoor environments or controlled indoor environments, they can effectively adapt and provide a stable power supply, making them ideal for a wide range of application scenarios.

Manufactured to the Highest Standards - Achieving Optimal Efficiency

The internal components of a transformer consist of a core, windings, and connecting cables. High-quality drying and rapid filling of insulating oil play a crucial role in extending the service life of the transformer. Delixi Electric employs the latest technology. For example, in vacuum low-frequency equipment (LFH—Low-Frequency Heating), the drying process of solid insulation is combined with vacuum drying of the windings through low-frequency heating. The active part is heated by applying a low-frequency current (< 1 Hz) to the high-voltage winding while the low-voltage winding is short-circuited. Before being put into service, the transformer is filled with preheated insulating liquid, which is absorbed by the insulating materials to prevent oxygen ingress.

The core forms the key component of each transformer. Computer-controlled machines precisely cut advanced cold-rolled metal sheets and laser process them as required to ensure minimal tolerances. Then, the individual sheets are assembled into a core using step-lap technology, or for lower-rated transformers, they are assembled into a core using precision winding technology. In this way, Delixi oil-immersed distribution transformers achieve particularly good magnetic flux distribution at the joints, resulting in extremely low losses and minimal noise.

Transformer windings are subjected to extremely high electrical and mechanical stresses and therefore must be protected. The transformer windings of Delixi distribution transformers are made of copper or aluminum. Low-voltage windings are made of strip or flat wire, while high-voltage windings are made of round or shaped wire. Insulation paper partially coated with epoxy resin (diamond dotted paper) is used to bond the windings into a dense block during the drying process, additionally increasing short-circuit capability.

Layer insulation adapts to AC voltage strains that occur in daily operation. Large oil channels ensure adequate cooling of the windings, preventing hot spots. All leads are equipped with short-circuit and surge protection, contributing to the high stability of Delixi transformers and achieving an above-average service life.

The tank must remain sealed under mechanical stress in all circumstances. The surface is sandblasted and then multi-layer coated to achieve the highest level of corrosion protection. The oil tank of a distribution transformer must dissipate all heat losses. In sealed transformers, corrugated walls absorb the volume changes of the insulating liquid. Alternatively, the transformer can be designed as an open system or equipped with a conservator to compensate for additional volume. In some areas, smooth-walled tanks and built-in radiators are also used. Sealed devices sometimes have air or gas cushions to compensate for oil expansion. The steel cover is bolted (or welded upon request) to the tank. The thickness of the steel and the dimensions of the supports ensure that the cover withstands all necessary stresses.

Delixi transformers are only shipped to customers after passing final inspection and testing. Each Delixi transformer plant is equipped with high-voltage testing equipment, and technical experts conduct various transformer tests, from voltage and temperature rise tests to insulation resistance, partial discharge measurement, and special tests for harmonics and noise levels. Special tests for short circuits, vibration, and other conditions are conducted at internationally recognized and accredited institutions. Delixi Electric tests according to applicable standards and provides additional certificates upon customer request.

Delixi Electric complies with the laws and regulations affecting distribution transformers

Delixi Electric closely monitors the development of global transformer regulations, such as the European Ecodesign Directive and the U.S. Department of Energy rules. Delixi Electric complies with the rules and regulations issued by countries such as the United States and Europe, and ensures that every transformer product delivered meets all relevant requirements. As a trustworthy and responsible partner, we will continue to adapt to and comply with all relevant regulatory changes.

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