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China Brand Day | Smart And Low-Carbon Dual Drive, Helping China Construction to Take Off and Develop

Publish Time: 2024-01-02 15:43:13     Author: DELIXI

● China Brand Day

In 2023, the theme of China Brand Day is "Made in China", aiming to strengthen the promotion and support of Chinese brands and promote the development and rise of Chinese brands.

As a Chinese brand that shoulders the responsibilities of the times, DELIXI Electric firmly believes that in order to complete the rise and breakout of the brand itself, it depends not only on hard work, but also on continuous innovation and rigorous quality. Only by actively exploring new development models can we complete ourselves upgrade. Taking smart and green dual-drive as the brand strategy, while constantly breaking through itself, DELIXI Electric continues to devote itself to building a smart and green development ecosystem, and further assists the development of Chinese brand building!

Leading Manufacturing     Helps China Build Smart Process

As the trend of the times continues to move forward, DELIXI Electric upholds foresight and pragmatism, actively explores automation and digital production methods for many years, strives to build an advanced manufacturing system in the industry, and introduces advanced information control systems successively. DELIXI Electric Smart Factory continues to explore more intelligent and environmentally friendly production models. Through the digital management platform, the entire production process has achieved refined management. Under the smart factory production mode, it not only enhances manufacturing flexibility and rapid response capabilities, but also improves production efficiency and product quality.

At the same time, DELIXI Electric continues to improve the digital manufacturing system, strengthens technological innovation and personnel training, establishes a complete smart supply chain system, and successfully connects the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, which not only improves the operating efficiency of the enterprise, but also drives the industry ecosystem. Sustainable development has won wide trust and recognition in the industry.

Smart manufacturing is the key to promoting China Construction to achieve high-quality development, and it is an important support for the realization of Made in China 2025 and "China's manufacturing power". As a leading company in the domestic low-voltage electrical industry, DELIXI Electric's intelligent manufacturing achievements have not only enhanced its core competitiveness, but also radiated to the upstream and downstream of the ecosystem to transform more brands into intelligent, and also laid a solid foundation for the high-quality development of Chinese brands. A good foundation has injected new vitality and impetus into the high-quality development of China Construction.

Green Low Carbon     Build A Sustainable Development Ecosystem

Green and low-carbon has become an important trend in the development of China's manufacturing industry. Over the years, DELIXI Electric has been committed to promoting the application and promotion of green and low-carbon concepts in the industry, starting from itself, and gradually building a zero-carbon ecological circle.

Using the most advanced environmental protection technology and green energy, DELIXI Electric has built the first "zero-carbon factory" of domestic brands in China's low-voltage electrical industry, advocating green in various production processes in the form of green factories, green warehousing, and green logistics. Low carbon concept. At the same time, with strong research and development capabilities, we continue to introduce green and energy-saving products to help more customers save energy and reduce emissions.

Zero Carbon Factory Certification

Through the continuous "evolution" of its own green manufacturing, DELIXI Electric has set a good example for the industry, and at the same time stimulated the green power of the industry, gradually established a green ecological circle, and further promoted the coordinated development of green and low-carbon and China's construction. In the future, DELIXI Electric will continue to adhere to the concept of green development, and join hands with cooperative enterprises in the ecosystem to contribute to the realization of the double carbon target and the sustainable development of Chinese construction.

Help Step     Promote High-Quality Development of the Industry

While providing high-quality products and services to cooperative customers, DELIXI Electric has also continued to join hands with customers in various industries to make positive contributions to the development of China Construction.

>>> New Energy Industry

With the rapid development of the new energy industry, DELIXI Electric is actively researching and developing related products suitable for the new energy industry, giving full play to its own technological advantages, providing more excellent products and solutions for the new energy industry, and providing a clean and green China. strong support.

>>> 5G New Infrastructure

At the same time, for the development of 5G new infrastructure in the communications industry, DELIXI Electric has successively provided digital and intelligent solutions for China Telecom, China Mobile and other industry-leading companies, effectively alleviating the energy pressure brought about by digital transformation and increasing demand, and accelerating The comprehensive construction of domestic 5G network.

>>> Help Qatar World Cup

Not only that, DELIXI Electric is adhering to an open mind and going abroad. For example, in the World Cup in Qatar, GEPLEADER will cooperate with Zhengzhou Yufa (GEPLEADER) to ensure the power supply demand of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, help the safe operation of power generation equipment, perfectly meet the power supply demand of the World Cup, and promote more resilient global development.

In the future, DELIXI Electric will continue to promote digital and intelligent technologies, innovations and applications, and join hands with customers from various industries to help China build sustainable and high-quality development.


DELIXI Electric continues to innovate in the field of intelligence and green, and has explored a unique smart low-carbon dual-drive model to further strengthen the core competitiveness of Chinese brands. In the future, DELIXI Electric will continue to walk on the road of smart low-carbon dual drive, promote industrial upgrading with innovation, continuously enhance corporate value, inject new impetus into industry development and innovation, and continue to walk out of the unique development path of Chinese brands , to help China Construction take off and develop.

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