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China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Delixi Electric Leads The Green Industry To Create A New Ecology Of The Entire Electrical Industry Chain

Publish Time: 2023-06-23 11:47:23     Author: DELIXI

Delixi Electric was jointly established in 2007 by Schneider Electric, one of the world's top 500 companies, and Delixi Group, one of China's top 500 companies. Its business covers power distribution electrical, industrial control automation, and household electrical. and services to create a professional, safe, reliable, efficient and beautiful industrial automation and household electricity environment for customers in emerging markets around the world. Adhering to the "customer first" value, adhere to the business philosophy of technological innovation, quality assurance, five-star service, and brand drive, create a new ecology of the entire electrical industry chain, and explore a new development model for enterprises in China's low-voltage electrical industry. In order to strengthen industry exchanges and promote high-quality development of the industry, Mr. Lou Feng, President of Delixi Electric, shared the company's development philosophy and successful experience with the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association.

[Green First, Practice Sustainable Development]

Facing the new situation of "double carbon" and digitalization, President Lou Feng said that as a leading enterprise in China's low-voltage electrical industry, Delixi Electric has always responded to the national "double carbon" strategy, practiced the concept of sustainable development, and formulated the "people-oriented promotion A green sustainable development strategy with the core of carbon neutrality and building a green ecological circle. Simultaneously promote the implementation of the "dual carbon" strategy from green design, green manufacturing, and green services, and expand from individual employees to factory operations to upstream and downstream ecosystems, forming a development model led by culture, promoted by innovation, and empowered by digitalization.

In recent years, Delixi Electric has continuously set the benchmark for green and sustainable development. Since the construction of a clean factory in 2018, it has successively become a provincial green factory, a national green factory, a carbon-neutral factory and a zero-carbon factory. Recently, Delixi Electric's Wuhu base has obtained the five-star zero-carbon factory (Type I) certification issued by Tihe Certification, becoming the first zero-carbon factory in the domestic low-voltage electrical industry. Delixi Electric fully promotes green development, accumulates in practice, leads in exploration, and joins hands with partners in the industrial chain ecosystem to achieve green and sustainable development.

At the same time, digital exploration is carried out in the product and research and development links, and digital MCB and terminal intelligent power distribution system are developed, and the interconnection and remote control of products are realized through the cloud platform. The application of digital twin-based simulation technology shortens the R&D cycle, reduces material loss, reduces trial and error costs, improves product quality, and promotes digital transformation and upgrading.

Incorporate the green concept of the whole life cycle into the product design, fully consider the service life of the product, safety guarantee, operation and maintenance plan, the whole process of scrapping and recycling; from the five aspects of "energy saving, emission reduction, safety, convenience and recyclability" Consider and clarify the parameter requirements such as power consumption, energy level, and electrical life; avoid the use of materials with harmful and toxic substances. At present, the company has more than 300 products that meet the EU ROHS 2.0 directive standards.

[Multi-Dimensional Layout, Driving Growth With Innovation]

In recent years, the localization trend has superimposed the "double carbon" goal, making the new energy track continue to heat up. The electrification of energy, the cleanliness of electricity, and the digitization of cleanliness will become the top priority of the industry's development. Delixi Electric looks forward to the trend of energy transformation, accelerates the deployment of emerging tracks such as optical storage, lithium battery, and charging piles, and relies on strong R&D capabilities and technological strength to explore and develop in the fields of intelligent power distribution, digital technology and products, and actively develops smaller Modernized, more reliable, and smarter products to help customers develop sustainable industries.

Recently, the launch of Delixi Electric Knight series products has attracted widespread attention. President Lou Feng introduced that localization is an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. Based on market insights and customer pain points to meet the application scenarios of performance differentiation, we launched the Knight series. , and continue to enrich the product matrix of this series, hoping to escort the high-quality growth of the industry with continuous product and solution innovation.

Taking the CDC6H series high-performance AC contactor as an example, the innovative design of the magnetic system makes the attraction force stronger while the coil temperature rise is only 50% of the standard temperature rise. The cross-sectional area of the current-carrying parts is also 20% larger than that of conventional products, and the terminal temperature rise is 10K lower than the standard. The electrical life of AC4 is 25% higher than conventional products. Work reliably in dusty, high and low temperature (-35-+70 degree environment), high voltage fluctuation (70%-120%). It also fully considers the automation and quality control points of the product in the manufacturing process, making it easy to fully inspect and test the key parameters of the product at the key quality control point, and to realize the automatic processing technology for the production, so as to meet the products of different application scenarios need.

[Leading By Zero Carbon, Creating A New Industrial Ecology]

Talking about the future layout, President Lou Feng said that Delixi Electric will continue to create a new green and zero-carbon path, actively deploy in the fields of intelligent power distribution, digital technology and products, enrich product applications and marketing scenarios, and better meet the needs of customers. Realize the improvement of the whole scene of manufacturing and service according to the needs of customers. At the same time, based on the essence of manufacturing, continue to promote the creation of a value cycle system, work with partners to build a new ecology of Chinese brands, and promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the Chinese economy.

At the same time, Delixi Electric promises to join hands with upstream and downstream ecosystems to achieve "carbon neutrality" at the operational level; in 2030, to achieve "zero-carbon readiness" at the operational level; and to achieve end-to-end-value chain "carbon neutrality" in 2040 ; By 2050, the entire value chain will achieve "net zero" carbon emissions.

Through the implementation of green and intelligent manufacturing, continuous promotion of product innovation, and active empowerment of the industrial chain ecosystem, Delixi Electric practices the role of "leader, innovator, and changer" in China's low-voltage electrical industry, and joins hands with upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain to jointly Open a new ecology of China's low-voltage electrical industry chain.

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