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Created With All Efforts, CDB6i Series Miniature Circuit Breakers And Leakage Products Are Newly Upgraded!

Publish Time: 2023-06-09 11:55:31     Author: DELIXI

Delixi Electric has been committed to product innovation and technology upgrading

Recently, CDB6i series miniature circuit breakers and leakage products have been fully upgraded

Changes and innovations have been made in appearance, performance, parameters, etc.

Better Performance

Bypass arc extinguishing technology, fast arc ignition and arc extinguishing, long product life, electric life can reach 12000 times

Breaking capacity 6/10kA, safer

Type A leakage 6~125A full coverage, effectively protecting DC pulse loads

Wide range of voltage levels, AC230/240V, AC400/415V, can meet the needs of various power grids

Better Quality

Patented anti-blowout arc baffle to ensure the safety of operators

A full range of energy storage components, fast opening and closing more reliable

New accessory platform, more stable

Can meet CE, TUV, RoHS 2.0

Easier Installation

Newly added small leakage current, saving installation space and making wiring more convenient

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