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Digital enabling low-carbon development, Delxi Electric appeared in the new energy electrical alliance council meeting

Publish Time: 2022-12-05 16:47:05     Author: DELIXI

The Council meeting of New Energy Electrical Appliance Alliance was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu jointly sponsored by Shanghai Electrical Science Institute and New Energy Electrical Appliance Alliance. Delxi Electric was invited to attend the meeting.

Under the theme of "Double Carbon Goals and Green Development", hundreds of governing bodies, experts, scholars and industry representatives gathered in Wuxi to promote energy transition based on the focus on renewable energy and double carbon goals.


At the conference, experts and scholars had an in-depth exchange on "the impact of dual-carbon policy and the development of new energy industry on the low-voltage electrical appliance industry and the future trend".

Yin Tianwen, Vice Chairman of China Electrotechnical Society, Chairman of New Energy Appliance Alliance of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, rotating president of Shanghai Electrical Equipment Research Institute (Group) Co., LTD., rotating president of Shanghai Electrical Equipment Research Institute delivered the opening speech: "At present, China's double carbon goals continue to advance, green and low carbon will also become a new proposition for the development of the electric appliance industry in the future, we will accelerate the construction of new power system, more exchanges and cooperation between the industry and enterprises, promote the collaborative transformation of the industry and enterprises."

In a speech at the scene said: "In the 'double carbon' future and the new situation of digitalization, low-voltage electrical appliances will ushered in new changes, the market scale continues to expand, Delixi Electric will continue to explore a new path of digital energy development, in the intelligent distribution, digital technology and products and other fields of active layout, to achieve the competitive differentiation of advantages under the leap-forward growth. At the same time, through this annual event, Delxi Electric hopes to provide more exploration and ideas for the development of the industry with its own practice, and cooperate with all guests and enterprises present here, with the goal of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, to build a new trend of high standard and high quality development of China's low-voltage electrical industry!"

At the same time, Ruan Tao, Vice President of R&D of Delxi Electric, was invited to have a summit dialogue with the industry experts and discussed the "challenges and opportunities in the new energy electrical appliance industry under the background of dual carbon".

Among them, Mr. Ruan Tao expressed his own opinion, he said: "Under the new situation of dual-carbon layout and digitalization, low-voltage electrical appliances will usher in new changes, and the requirements for products are more small, more reliable and more intelligent. We need to actively layout in areas such as intelligent distribution, digital technology and products to further improve the efficiency of customer power management and achieve leapfrog growth under competitive differentiation."

During the conference, experts from various industries have published key reports. Dr. Jianshe Bai, senior technical expert of Delxi Electric, also reported the innovative research results of Delxi Electric to the conference with the theme of "Digitalization helps low-carbon development of low-voltage Electrical industry". Dr. Bai Jianshe pointed out: "At present, the dual carbon goal has entered a critical stage, Delxi Electric is market-oriented, with strong research and development ability and scientific and technological strength actively practice the dual carbon transition, so far has achieved considerable results. In the future, Delixi Electric will continue to explore customer demand and product value, boost customer quality development."

Based on the continuous innovation and structural development of Delxi Electric over the years, closely linked with intelligent manufacturing and green low-carbon, and promoted the development of low-voltage electrical appliance industry, Electricity and Energy Efficiency magazine, Modern Architecture magazine and journalists from Sina, NetEase and Yangtze Evening News jointly interviewed Mr. Ruan Tao, Vice President of Research and Development of Delxi Electric.

Mr. Ruan Tao said, "Delxi Electric is actively practicing green low-carbon transformation and sustainable development construction, hoping to provide more ideas for the development of the industry with its own achievements. At present, Delxi Electric has greatly improved its green and sustainable development ability through a series of innovative management, and has been successfully listed in the "National Green Factory" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. At the same time, through the 'one thing one code' to achieve real-time visualization of logistics and product life cycle control, vigorously develop photovoltaic projects, realize clean energy instead of non-renewable energy, carbon neutral in multiple dimensions, in May 2022 Delisi Electric won the carbon neutral certification."

Delxi Electric always bears in mind its responsibility and responsibility. In the era of rapid development of intelligent manufacturing in China, Delxi Electric resonates with The Times. It empowers partners with high-quality products and solutions, and influences the industry with its own actions. In the future, Delxi Electric will continue to accelerate the construction of low-carbon and efficient green digital industrial structure, shoulder the mission of "leader, innovator and change", actively practice the concept of sustainable development, promote the implementation of the national "double carbon goal", and promote the overall upgrade of China's manufacturing industry.

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