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Do not forget the original intention, continue with love! Delixi Electric won the “Corporate Social Responsibility Model Award” for the fourth time

Publish Time: 2023-08-17 16:58:33     Author: DELIXI

On July 26, the 12th CFS2023 Finance and Economics Summit and 2023 Sustainable Business Conference was held in Beijing. Entrepreneurs and new youth representatives share opportunities in China and jointly promote recovery and growth.

In the selection of this summit, after being nominated and recommended and deliberated by the jury, Delixi Electric was awarded the 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Model Award for its outstanding contribution to the practice of corporate social responsibility. This is also the fourth consecutive corporate social responsibility award for the company Exemplary Award.

The four consecutive elections not only demonstrate the company's remarkable achievements in social responsibility, but also represent the society's full affirmation of Delixi Electric. Since 2012, Delixi Electric has been committed to creating a very distinctive public welfare model of "one old and one young with traditional culture", and to be a "warm" social welfare practitioner.

Delixi Electric has been working like a day for more than ten years. So far, it has visited nursing homes in various places more than 400 times, sending warmth to more than 30,000 elderly people. During the epidemic, the pace of public welfare did not stop. I visited many times to give condolences and care, and repaired the circuits of nursing homes to protect the safety of electricity for the elderly.

Delixi Electric has donated and built 20 hope primary schools, covering the central and western regions, bringing warmth and hope to more than 10,000 children in remote areas. At the same time, it created the world's first public welfare children's safe electricity use series of educational short films, which goes to campuses across the country every year to protect children's electricity safety. So far, more than 200 children-caring activities have been carried out, and the knowledge of electricity use has been disseminated to nearly 10,000 teenagers.

In terms of inheriting traditional culture, starting from promoting the spirit of dragon boats, the Yuelong dragon boat team exclusively sponsored by Delixi Electric has participated in national-level dragon boat competitions for many times, and has participated in more than 60 competitions; in 2022 alone, it participated in 4 competitions and won Four gold medals and one bronze medal.

At the same time, Delixi Electric also continues to carry forward the "people-oriented" corporate philosophy, pays attention to employee experience, and insists on setting up "Little Migratory Birds" summer care class for 13 years. A journey of love, employees can go to work and take care of their children. While the children get together with their parents, they are accompanied by volunteer uncles and aunts to study and play, participate in more exciting activities, and meet more interesting friends... Let employees and children have a happy and peaceful summer vacation!

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