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Gathering Wisdom And Win-Win Mutual Learning Development | The First Meeting of Fifth Session of Low-Voltage Electrical Appliance Industry Entrepreneur Association Was Held In Wuhu

Publish Time: 2023-05-29 13:54:20     Author: DELIXI

On May 24-25, Wuhu, Anhui, a famous town in Jiangdong, welcomed guests and entrepreneurs from the first meeting of the fifth session of the Association of Entrepreneurs in the Low-Voltage Electrical Appliance Industry. The meeting was sponsored by Shanghai Electrical Appliance Research Institute and Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., co-organized by General Low-Voltage Electrical Appliances Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, and undertaken by Delixi Electric Co., Ltd.

Liu Changsheng, Executive Vice President of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Yin Tianwen, Executive Vice President and Rotating President of Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute, Li Guozhu, Deputy Secretary and District Mayor of Wuhu Bay District, Member of the Standing Committee of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Director of Delixi Group Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the bureau, Lou Feng, CEO of Delixi Electric, and other guests, representatives from SEC and more than 20 key enterprises in the low-voltage electrical industry across the country attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Wang Chunhua, president of the fifth fraternity and chairman of Changshu Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd. At the beginning of the meeting, Liu Changsheng, executive vice president of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, made an important speech at the meeting. He pointed out: "Innovation is the eternal theme of development, and industry development is the last word. Only by exerting the common wisdom of everyone can the low-voltage electrical appliance industry be able to Continuous development, industry changes can change with each passing day."

Li Guozhu, deputy secretary of Wuhu Bay District Party Committee and head of the district, later said: "Wuhu is a famous city in the east of the Yangtze River and a city of makers. Delixi Electric has attracted surrounding supporting enterprises with its star effect to form an industrial cluster that has begun to take shape. It is the benchmark and banner of the company’s development. We look forward to more entrepreneurs coming to Wuhu to build factories in the future, so as to contribute to Wuhu’s digital transformation and integration into the integration of the Yangtze River Delta.”

Lou Feng, CEO of Delixi Electric, delivered a speech as the host: "Delixi Electric has chosen to build a factory in Wuhu for 12 years. It is a great honor to invite industry partners and guests to come to Wuhu this time. In the future, I hope to cooperate with all the entrepreneurs here to put people first, promote carbon neutrality, build a green ecological circle, and jointly promote the overall upgrading of China's manufacturing industry!"

The meeting specially invited Yang Jianwen, an expert in industrial economics and development economics of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, to give a keynote report on "my country's industrial economic development situation". He made an in-depth analysis of China's current economic trends, saying that with the improvement of the external environment, confidence in the steady growth of China's economy in 2023 will increase. The report has played an important guiding role for entrepreneurs to further understand the macroeconomic trends, follow the trend, and plan the future development direction of enterprises.


In order to give full play to the role of the bridge of the Low-Voltage Electrical Appliances Entrepreneur Association and provide entrepreneurs with a high-level, open, multi-dimensional communication and learning platform, Sun Guangqing, Vice President of Delixi Electric Supply Chain, and Huang Yao, Product Marketing Director, introduced Delixi West Electric's corporate development report, including the company's zero-carbon factory and green sustainable development strategy, the company's development history, current business layout, and future product strategic deployment, etc. I hope that I can communicate with all the entrepreneurs here with my own practice, and work together to build a sustainable ecosystem and a new future for the low-voltage electrical industry.

At the same time, the meeting organized participating entrepreneurs to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on the new logic of the industrial economy, the new model of high-quality development, the new kinetic energy of digital innovation and development, and further promote the digital transformation and innovative development of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry, and share the practices of their respective companies. Experience and experience.

Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group and chairman of Delixi Electric, introduced the main business composition of Delixi Group at the meeting. Facing the turbulent international environment and complex and anxious industrial competition, Delixi Group Survival strategy is the first priority, and it is recommended that low-voltage electrical appliances enterprises work hard together, develop together, and create a better future.

Yin Tianwen, the rotating dean of the Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute, made a concluding speech. He pointed out that the low-voltage electrical industry must use the certainty of innovation and development to overcome the uncertainty of the external environment and build its own core competitiveness; it must firmly grasp the new competition in the development of the industry. Dao new opportunities; we must strengthen specialization and integrated development; we must firmly adhere to the "going out" strategy, benchmark the highest international standards and levels, and go hand in hand to enter the international market.

During the meeting, the participating entrepreneurs also visited the Wuhu base of Delixi Electric. The factory recently obtained the "Zero-Carbon Factory" certification, becoming the first zero-carbon factory of a domestic brand in China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry. Guided by the culture of green and sustainable development, develop green energy and circular economy, vigorously improve energy efficiency and publish product carbon footprints, etc., and strive to achieve "green zero carbon" in multiple dimensions. This is also a successful case in which the concept of green and low-carbon development of enterprises has been brought into reality.

As a leading enterprise in China's low-voltage electrical industry, Delixi Electric always adheres to the concept of innovation and sustainable development. This time, the host of the Entrepreneurs Association, through a high-level communication platform, gathers the wisdom of outstanding entrepreneurs, solves the difficulties and pain points of the industry, discovers and explores new kinetic energy, new models, new formats, and new paths for the development of the industry, and strengthens innovation management and advanced experience demonstrations , leading the industry into the fast lane of high-quality development.

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