Smart Initiation Double Carbon to Create a Better Future, The New Energy Industry Summit Forum Was Held Grandly to Create A Zero-Carbon Future Together

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On April 25th, Delixi Electric's new energy industry summit forum was held in Wuhu. Experts from new energy industries such as photovoltaics, energy storage, and charging piles gathered together to focus on the theme of "Smart Enlightenment, Double Carbon, and a Co-created Future" The purpose of the discussion is to work together to share the innovative achievements of all parties in smart green, to provide users with more intelligent and green solutions, and to create a green future together.

Green Empowerment Smart Initiation Double Carbon

The dual-carbon policy promotes the rapid development of the new energy industry, and at the same time puts forward higher requirements for the development of China's new energy. In the opening speech, Lou Feng, CEO of Delixi Electric, said: "Delixi Electric shoulders the mission and responsibility of the Chinese brand, gradually establishes a complete green manufacturing system, strives to achieve green zero carbon, and insists on laying a solid foundation for industry customers and customers. Partners provide excellent products and always meet the new needs and challenges of the industry.

Delixi Electric insists on "green evolution" and builds a zero-carbon future together. With the attitude of "navigator, innovator, and changer", Delixi Electric empowers the industry and contributes to the realization of the double-carbon goal.

Ingenuity And Wisdom, Refined Construction And Strict Control

How to target the product supply chain to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, Sun Guangqing, vice president of supply chain, said that Delixi Electric drives supply chain optimization with wisdom, goes deep into every link, realizes technological leap, empowers innovative productivity with technological change, and helps industry upgrade .

Seiko strong craftsman, keep the integrity and innovation. The summit ushered in the release of Delixi Electric's NE series products. Representatives of Delixi Electric jointly pressed their palms on the big screen and witnessed this historic moment together with all the guests present.

For the optical storage industry, newly developed NE series products, such as CDWNEGZ frame DC isolating switch, CDMNEZ DC molded case circuit breaker, CDGNE-50 DC rotary isolating switch, CDYNEZ DC surge protector and other products, the maximum DC rated voltage is 1500V, With CCC, CE, TUV and other certifications, it also has the characteristics of plateau low temperature resistance, high reliability, and small size, which is especially suitable for the application needs of the optical storage industry.

The new launch of NE series products can perfectly meet the high-quality demand for electrical products in the new energy industry. It is suitable for many new energy application fields, providing better electrical solutions for users in the new energy industry, and helping the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

In the introduction of new energy solutions, the person in charge of industry application marketing said that under the double-carbon layout, Delixi Electric accurately recognizes changes, responds scientifically, and deeply cultivates emerging fields of new energy, helping the new energy industry to make great strides forward and create A zero carbon future.

Breaking New Ground to Create a Better Future

In order to promote the deep integration of Delixi Electric and the new energy industry, at this summit, aiming at the development prospects of the new energy industry and the pain points of solar storage application products, Ruan Tao, vice president of research and development, and Huang Yao, director of product marketing, held a round table with a number of industry experts The forum focused on topics such as "industry application development trends", "discussion on joint co-creation models", "solutions to customer pain points", and discussed in depth the future win-win model for both parties.

The forum pointed out that to forge the "hard core" strength of the industry, it is necessary to have a "high-tech" core, and embracing smart energy is also the key. Delixi Electric takes the construction of a new energy industry system as the main line, closely follows the "new infrastructure", accelerates the deep integration of the Internet, big data and new energy industries, and aims to help the industry's low-carbon transformation and high-quality development.

Delixi Electric not only demonstrated its outstanding strength in the field of green smart technology, but at the summit, Gu Hongxiu, general manager of the Industrial Control Division, also signed strategic cooperation contracts with a number of customers in the new energy industry on behalf of the company, aiming to jointly promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry Created with intelligent scenes. The guests also expressed full confidence in the future cooperation between the two parties, and looked forward to working with Delixi Electric to create a new economic growth pole.

Looking forward to the market trend, ready to empower the new energy industry, Delixi Electric drives the in-depth development of the industry, and joins hands with industry customers and partners to create a benign, healthy and progressive industrial chain ecosystem, work hard, help the double carbon goal, and build a beautiful green energy future.

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