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  • CDRM6-12/24KV SF6 GIS Metal Enclosed Switchgear 
  • CDRM6-12/24KV SF6 GIS Metal Enclosed Switchgear 

CDRM6-12/24KV SF6 GIS Metal Enclosed Switchgear 

The CDRM6 series GIS is new generated small size modular switch equipment have modular structure, such as the unit type and box type. 

The CDRM6 series GIS is new generated small size modular switch equipment have modular structure, such as the unit type and box type. Each module has its own functions and metal enclosure, and they can extend at the right and left side arbitrarily. According to different design scheme, they can combine arbitrarily to complete different distribution work. When the number of the configuration modules is more than 6 modules, the switchgear should be connected through extending busbar, which achieve semi­ modularized structure. All gas tanks are adopted 3mm imported stainless steel sheets, which is welded automatically by automatic rotary platform and Japanese Panasonic welding machine to ensure the leak proofness of the tank. The tank is filled with SF6 gas, and the load switch, earthing switch etc. switch moving parts and the busbar are sealed in the stainless steel tank, which greatly improve the safety performance electric products and the IP of GIS enclosure is reached to 67. The bottom of the tank is installed with explosion-proof membrane. It can prevent people from the injury effectively, also no damage occurs in cable, switch station and other switch equipment.

The 24kV switchgear is the top GIS ring main unit. The material and manufacture process are under strict control. The necessary materials such as main epoxy components, plastic parts and silicone rubber components are supplied from famous international company. All of the materials must be test by helium mass spectrometer leak detector and X-ray nondestructive flaw detector, as well as relative partial discharge test and voltage test, to ensure all the components are reliable. During the assembling process, mechanical characteristic test instrument imported from Germany is employed to accurately test the electric & mechanical performance, for example, breaking-closing switch period, stroke and speed, thus to guarantee the producing quality of the production. With the advantages of the compact structure, whole sealing, fully insulation, long life, free maintenance, small size and safety, CDRM6 series GIS is widely used in industrial and civil cable ring net and power supply terminal, and it is suitable for small-size secondary power distribution station, switching station .industrial and mining enterprises, airport, railway, commercial district, buildings, high ways and the places of severe environment.


The metal enclosed switchgear uses SF6 gas as arc-extinguishing and insulating medium. It adopots fully-sealed and fully- insulating structure. Busbar, switches and live parts are completely sealed in stainless-steel case, which is filled with SF6 gas of 1.4 bar pressure. Its protection rating can reach IP67. The whole switch decive is protected from external environment. Even under extreme case like immersed in water for short time, it can operate normally. This product is maintenance free for life long. This series GIS are provided with five interlocking decives for safeguard to keep the operators and equipments from breakdown which is caused by manual misoperation. All switchgears have reliable pressure relief decives, which guarantees the safety of operators under extreme conditions. Switchgears can be classified as fixed unit combination and extensible unit combination. The incoming and outgoing lines are installed at the front. Line installation at sides are also available. The switchgear is of small size, which makes mounting easy. It can be installed in places of small space and bad environment. Automatic, remote-controlling, monitoring decives can be installed according to customized requests

Main features

The switch cabinet is kept from the influence of bad environment, such as condensation, rime, salt mist, etc. All HV live parts and switch components are fully sealed in SF6 gas case. It is with features of compact structure, small size, light weight, completely insulation. Modularization and module combination can make different combination of main wiring. The circuit adopts silicone rubber connectors to make HV components connection and switchgear extension possible. It can be combined with HV monitor unit, integrated digital circuit breakers and overcurrent protective relay. The switchgear is provied with waterproof feature and long lifespan. Maintenance free will reduce operation cost, which meet the requests of distribution network automated upgrade.

Technical parameters

ItemUnitC module
load switch
F module
V moduleCB module
Vacuum switchDisconnecting/
earthing switch
Vaxuum circuit
earthing switch
Rated voltageKV12/2412/2412/2412/2412/2412/24
Power frequency withstand voltageKV42/6542/6542/6542/6542/6542/65
Lighting impulse wihstand voltageKV75/12575/12575/12575/12575/12575/125
Rated currentA630/630Lable 1630/6301250/800
Rated transfer currentA1700/1500
Breaking capacityA
Closed loop breaking currentA630/630
Cable charging breaking currentA10/16
5% Rated active power load breaking currentA315.5/31.5
Earthing fault breaking currentA200/150
Cable charging breaking current of ground faultA115/87
Short circuit breaking currentKALable 225/16
Closing capatityKA63/52.5Lable 250/4050/4025(20)Lable 3
Short time withstand current 2SKA25/2525(50)Lable 363/50
Short time with stand Current 3SKA20/2025/1625/16
Mechanical life3000300010000200025(20)Lable 325/20
Box stainless steel thicknessmm3.0100002000
IPSF6 gas cellIP 67Seal test
Fuse canisterIP 67Gas leakage rate w 0.25%
Switch cabinetIP3XIP4X
  • Lable 1: It depends on rated current value of fuse
  • Lable 2: Limited to high voltage fuse
  • Lable 3: The number in parentheses is the reference of CDRM6 at 24kv system

CDRM6-12/24 senes cabinet according to following standard design and manufacture:

IEC60265 IEC60298 IEC60420
IEC60265 IEC60298 IEC60420

Chinese national Industrial Standards:

GB/T11022-1999 GB3804-2004 GB7354-1987
GB16926-1997 GB1985-1989 GB11023-1989

CDRM6-12/24 type extension module unit cabinet

Standard extension module

CLoad switch module(Width=325mm)
DeCable connection module with grounding knife(Width=325mm)
DCable connection module without grounding knife(Width=325mm)
FLoad switch fuse combination electric module(Width=325mm)
VVacuum switch module(Width=325mm)
SLBus bar section switch module (load switch)(Width=325mm)
SvBrBus bar section switch module (vacuum switch)
Sv always together with bus bar ascending module(Total width325mm)
M/PTMetering module 12KV(Width=696mm)
Metering module 24KV(Width=900mm)
CP/DPPt panel module ( with switch and without switch)(Width=500mm)

Note: A single CD RM 6-12/24 type module only can be put into use with extension plug, The thickness of single piece of the side plate is 23 mm

CDRM6-1 2/24 type s weight sheet(tne weight below not including the accessories)

Standard combination
CDRM6 Ring/Plus (12/24) we offer standard combination as below:

Each module has the following configuration of aeration tank:
D tank configuration
See Standard configuration and features as shown in the configuration of”Without grounding cable connection module of knife”

C tank configuration
See Standard configuration and features as shown in the configuration of”Load switch”

F tank configuration
See Standard configuration and features as shown in the configuration of”oad switch fuse combination electric appliance”

V tank configuration
See Standard configuration and features as shown in the configuration of”Vacuum switch”

Standard combination provides the following configuration:
1 .Capacitive voltage indicator into the bushing
2.Install a chamber pressure gauge meter to monitor SF6 in every gas chamber
3.Lifting lug
4.Operating handle

Extensible type combination
In the same SF6 gas insulation chamber, it is up to six modules can be configured. In order to meet this need, it can be reserved in each module extension head, and connected by bus connect or. As shown in figure

The structure and dimension
The structure and dimension of CDRM6-12/24 type

The Structure of the Metal enclosed switchgear
The GIS consists of cabinet and gas sealed stainless steel tank. There is no welding part on the cabinet. They are assembled as a whole through bolts.

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