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Gathering Momentum to Go Far to New Life! Delixi Electric Won the DMAA International Digital Marketing Award Integrated Marketing Gold Award

Publish Time: 2023-01-12 10:50:31     Author: DELIXI

On January 6th, the DMAA International Digital Marketing Award was grandly held. This year's DMAA International Digital Marketing Award brought together more than 100 brands and companies including Yili Milk, Tencent, Youku, and Yadi, from traditional brands to new consumer brands. At the conference, we participated in the grand event together, returned to the growth of brand value, empowered brand growth, and explored the growth dilemma of the industry with the help of excellent cases. Delixi Electric won the Gold Award in the integrated marketing category of the 6th DMAA International Digital Marketing Awards for its brand campaign of "Breaking the Situation and Coexistence 2022".

The DMAA International Digital Marketing Award has been held for six times since its birth in 2017. It is a digital marketing professional award for the Greater China region. It aims to jointly select excellent works in the field of digital marketing in 2022 and explore the era proposition of brand "value growth" , Gradually established a brand image of the industry vane. This time, Delixi Electric successfully won the gold award in the integrated marketing category of the 6th DMAA International Digital Marketing Award, which once again demonstrated Delixi Electric's ability to digitally drive brand value growth from three perspectives: brand building, brand communication, and brand growth. Innovation has witnessed the transformation and development of the brand.


Differentiated Communication Leads the Brand to Break the Circle

As concepts such as big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and metaverse continue to gain popularity, the epidemic has repeatedly driven brands to shift their marketing positions. Facing the rapidly changing market environment, the brand's digital marketing process has accelerated. Delixi Electric took the initiative to reach the minds of target users with differentiated positioning expressions, innovative brand marketing communications, and precise digital full links, and won market recognition again.

In recent years, Delixi Electric has repeatedly broken through the image of a traditional manufacturing company, focusing on emotional resonance and integrating rich marketing scenarios. In 2022, Delixi Electric will base its brand proposition on "temperature". In the first half of the year when the economy is in a downturn and industry and social uncertainties continue to increase, Delixi Electric will launch the "Break the Situation Symbiosis 2022" brand campaign, and join hands with industry leaders, experts, and partners Co-creating with customers, strengthening the concept through the "clenching fist" action, calling for the whole industry to "seize today and continue to move forward", injecting confidence and vitality into the industry, hoping to boost the development of the industry with its own influence, and at the same time demonstrate its virtue West Electric's brand structure and temperature.


Accelerated Growth of Brands Driven by Digitalization

Delixi Electric has rapidly improved its marketing capabilities driven by digitalization. Through digital tools, it can accurately understand the market and customer needs. In the 2022 brand campaign of breaking the situation and co-existing, Delixi Electric combines the theme of the times with a series of posters, soft articles, and H5 interactions. And other marketing methods, supplemented by online and offline full-link marketing channels, integrated with precise marketing scenarios, once launched, it triggered the spontaneous dissemination and resonance of many industry media and industry KOLs, and was widely praised.

At the same time, Delixi Electric closely combines brand communication with business empowerment, and continuously promotes high-quality business growth and realizes brand value-added through continuous exploration and integration of new forms, cross-channel + circle breaking. During the 2022 brand campaign of Breaking the Situation Symbiotic 2022, the brand exposure amounted to 15.22 million+, and the WeChat index climbed up to 202%. Offline stores, live broadcasts, and internal employees divert the topic heat and traffic accumulated in the early stage to the business level, boost online and offline sales, enhance brand awareness and favorability, and promote both marketing effects and brand reputation.

In the future, Delixi Electric will continue to enhance the new brand value of Delixi Electric with innovation as the driving force, create a new track for brand communication, allow enterprises to find a sustainable development path in the digital age, and at the same time output more communication ideas for the industry .

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