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Lean And Far-Reaching, Explore New Machines Together, Dealer Partners From Many Places Visit Delixi Electric

Publish Time: 2023-05-30 13:48:46     Author: DELIXI

Over the years, Delixi Electric has always adhered to the concept of working hand in hand with partners and growing together, and has made remarkable achievements through sincere cooperation.

From April 2023, the visit to Delixi Electric's smart production base will start again. Distributor partner teams from Hebei, Hubei, Shandong, and Hunan have successively carried out a number of exchange activities in the Wuhu pro

duction base. The continuous enhancement of communication and cooperation between the two parties has also laid a more solid foundation for future cooperation and development.

Green And Smart Dual-Drive, Co-Creating Opportunities

During the visit, Delixi Electric demonstrated its strength in the field of automated production and the achievements of transparent green factory construction to all partners. Let everyone better understand Delixi Electric's interconnection, efficient and intelligent supply chain system and sustainable production concept.

In terms of supply chain digitization, Delixi Electric has created a comprehensive factory data management platform, enabling efficient and accurate collaborative management and sustainable development in all aspects of the production process. At the same time, it has also achieved a series of remarkable achievements in low-carbon aspects, becoming the first "zero-carbon factory" of domestic brands in the domestic low-voltage electrical industry.

As the dealer partners said during the visit:

"Digital manufacturing will become the main trend and core competitiveness of the future manufacturing industry. Delixi Electric has built a complete smart green manufacturing system, which not only improves the efficiency of cooperation between the two parties, but also provides us with better product solutions and services. Jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the low-voltage electrical industry."

Technological Innovation, Lean And Far

During the visit, Delixi Electric also prepared a wealth of professional dry goods sharing, focusing on the technical innovation and in-depth application of the company's transparent factory in the field of green manufacturing and smart production. With rich practical experience and technical accumulation, the company is bringing more high-quality intelligent electrical products and solutions to customers.

In addition, Delixi Electric also prepared an interesting product assembly activity, allowing dealers to understand the product more clearly. It also allowed everyone to further strengthen their understanding and control of the product, and deepen the confidence in future cooperation between the two parties.

Delixi Electric always takes product quality and technological innovation as the cornerstone, strengthens in-depth cooperation with dealer partners and various industries, and continuously improves its competitiveness in the field of intelligence and greenization. In the future development, Delixi Electric will continue to be committed to providing excellent products and high-quality services to our partners, and work together to create a new future of intelligent and sustainable development.

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