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The 2023 Delixi Electric Domestic Key Distributor Conference of “Strengthening the Foundation 2.0 Breaking the Situation and Coexisting” Came to a Successful Conclusion!

Publish Time: 2023-01-06 10:22:04     Author: DELIXI

On December 26, the 2023 Delixi Electric Key Distributor Conference with the theme of "Strengthening the Foundation 2.0 Breaking the Situation and Coexisting" was successfully concluded online! Mr. Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group, chairman of Delixi Electric, Mr. Lou Feng, CEO of Delixi Electric, and other leaders gathered online with more than 70 core distributor partners from domestic market to participate in the event.

At this conference, Delixi Electric and its partners jointly reviewed the 2022 year of overcoming obstacles and forging ahead bravely. At the same time, we looked forward to the development goals of 2023 and jointly built a blueprint for future development.

Create and Change Opportunities to Meet the New Test of the Times

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Lou Feng first led everyone to review the overall situation of this year. He pointed out that black swan events will occur frequently in 2022, and the market will face triple pressures of shrinking demand, supply shocks, and weakening expectations.


Under this background, the low-voltage electrical industry is also facing unprecedented challenges. Delixi Electric gathers all employees and domestic distributor partners, constantly optimizes and adjusts the company's development strategy and market measures according to the time and situation, accurately recognizes changes, responds scientifically, actively seeks changes, and captures and creates opportunities from immediate crises and difficulties .

Mr. Lou Feng looked forward to the future development situation together with everyone. He emphasized: "Under the uncertain environment in 2022, the company's business will still maintain a certain degree of stability and strong resilience, and achieve relatively stable market results. In 2023 It will still be a year of opportunities and challenges. We will focus on the balance, stability and anti-risk capabilities of our business, and use internal certainty to deal with external uncertainties to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of our business. Delixi Electric will meet the new challenges of the times with an open and optimistic attitude, embrace changes with strong will and action, break through the new track strongly, and continue to build the image of an international leading low-voltage electrical enterprise."

Continuous Empowerment, Symbiosis and Win-Win Situation to Open a NewPattern

Subsequently, Gao Wen, General Manager of Domestic Channel Sales of Delixi Electric Power Distribution, Cao Guoliang, Director of Channel Customer Marketing, Zhu Tong, Vice President of Strategy, Gu Hongxiu, General Manager of Industrial Control Division, Xu Yi, General Manager of Distribution Industry Sales, and General Manager of Sales of Key Distribution Industries Manager Ma Ning, product marketing director Huang Yao, and Chief Financial Officer Wang Xudong conveyed the business strategy of Delixi Electric for the new year to the partners from their respective levels.

In the coming year, from "Strong Foundation Plan 1.0" to "Strong Foundation Plan 2.0", Delixi Electric has joined hands with partners to standardize market order management, and at the same time further optimize channel structure to achieve healthy market growth.


Under the empowerment of the "Strong Foundation Plan", Delixi Electric vigorously promotes business transformation, activates the market, and continues to create an efficient and collaborative industrial chain ecology with a symbiotic and win-win model.

In 2023, Delixi Electric will continue to work together with all partners, go all out, maintain a keen insight to adapt to the times and follow the trend, and face market uncertainties with a more stable and flexible attitude. The Strong Foundation Plan 2.0" strategy and more excellent quality services will empower more dealer partners and build new growth poles in the new year.

Looking back on 2022, Delixi Electric and all its partners have developed through overcoming challenges one after another, and found new things in overcoming crises one after another. Looking forward to 2023, it will still be a year of challenges and opportunities.

Standing in the Same Boat Through Thick and Thin, to Precipitate a Deep Friendship

For a long time, Delixi Electric and its partners have worked together through thick and thin, and cooperated with each other tacitly. Delixi Electric regards sticking to quality as its solemn commitment to partners, focuses on the pain points of various industries, and insists on co-creating with customers. In recent years, it has launched star series products such as Navigator and Knight, which have been well received by the market. Delixi Electric firmly believes that with more mature brands, higher quality products, and more efficient services, it will join hands with dealer partners to create a new pattern in the low-voltage electrical industry.

After time experience, commitment will eventually accumulate into trust! For decades, Delixi Electric and its distributors have grown together through thick and thin. Whether it is an "old friend of the De family" who started from scratch and struggled hand in hand, or a "second generation of De " who inherited the mission and continued the glory, Delixi Electric always shares the belief with everyone, overcomes difficulties, builds confidence, seeks common development, and witnesses together mutual growth and glory.


Mr. Hu Chengzhong, the chairman of the board, made a concluding speech at the end of the meeting: "Delixi Electric will continue to work together with partners to empower partners in the industry chain, and meet challenges with a 'breakthrough' mentality and strong action. Let's work together to break the situation, Concentrate on the new, continue to occupy the high position of the value chain, and write a new chapter for the new journey of promoting the high-quality development of China's economy!"

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