Won Seven Awards Again, Delixi Electric Continues to Shine in “Ave Award”

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 Won Seven Awards Again

On May 18, the 6th "Ave Award" award ceremony and the first new energy electrical appliance industry innovation and development summit were held in Shanghai. Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group and chairman of Delixi Electric, was invited to attend the award ceremony.

With outstanding product and solution strength and brand influence, Delixi Electric won the most influential brand, the preferred contactor recommended by the third party organization, the preferred circuit breaker recommended by the third party agency, the preferred switch panel, and the pioneer enterprise of green and low carbon manufacturing And the six most popular short video awards, Delixi Electric CEO Lou Feng won the "Person of the Year" award.

Practice Green

Leading the Future of the Industry With Zero-Carbon Factories

In recent years, with the continuous implementation of the national "dual carbon" strategy, the concept of green sustainability has gradually gained popularity. Delixi Electric implements the sustainable development strategy, takes the sustainable development culture as the guide, develops green energy, circular economy, and vigorously improves energy efficiency. In March of this year, Delixi Electric Wuhu base obtained the five-star certificate of zero-carbon factory (Type I) issued by Tihe Certification, becoming the first zero-carbon factory of a domestic brand in the domestic low-voltage electrical industry, and gradually established a complete green manufacturing system. .

At the "Ave Award" award ceremony and the roundtable forum of the first new energy electrical appliance industry innovation and development summit, Lou Feng, CEO of Delixi Electric, said:

"For a long time, from every employee, to supply chain operations, to the entire upstream and downstream ecosystem, Delixi Electric has been advocating its own sustainable development concept and strategy. Guided by culture and strategy, driven by innovation, and digitized The effective empowerment of transformation, focusing on green design, green procurement, green manufacturing, green supply chain, green service and other aspects, enables our dual-carbon strategy to be truly implemented.”

"In the future, Delixi Electric will still make every effort to promote green development, accumulate in practice, lead in exploration, and join hands with partners in the industrial chain ecosystem to achieve green and sustainable development, and respond to the implementation of China's '3060 Double Carbon Goal' Contribute!"

Innovation Drive

Helping Green and Sustainable Development With Products

In the face of fierce market competition, Delixi Electric focuses on customer needs, builds core competitiveness from multiple dimensions such as R&D innovation, quality control, and product segmentation, actively develops reliable and high-quality products, and introduces solutions for green, low-carbon and sustainable development Solutions to effectively solve customer pain points.

01 Recommended by a third-party agency Preferred contactor

This time, the CDC6H series high-performance AC contactor, which was selected as the preferred contactor recommended by the third-party organization, meets the market demand, and can calmly cope with complex working conditions in industries such as lifting machinery, textile machinery, and washing machines, and bring customers a safe and reliable industrial control experience.

02 Recommended by a third-party organization Preferred circuit breaker

The CDM3S molded case circuit breaker and DZ47SLES leakage circuit breaker, which won the recommendation of the third-party organization as the preferred circuit breaker, have been upgraded and innovated in technology, realizing the remote intelligent control of the thermal magnetic circuit breaker.

03 Preferred switch panel

The DE898 Yucai series switch panel, which won the preferred switch panel, breaks through the traditional 6.5mm ultra-thin design, and the ultra-thin frosted glass texture meets the ultimate demand.

The three product awards once again proved the product and R&D strength of Delixi Electric, which is well deserved.

Under the background of the national double-carbon policy, Delixi Electric shoulders the mission and responsibility of the Chinese brand, fulfills the mission of "innovator, leader, and changer" of China's low-voltage electrical appliances, and continues to promote win-win cooperation and green development of the entire industrial chain , lead the development of the low-voltage electrical industry, and contribute to the promotion of global green and sustainable development.

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