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Zero Carbon New Mileage! Delixi Electric Won First Carbon-Neutral Logistics Park Certification In China’s Low-Voltage Electrical Industry

Publish Time: 2023-05-23 14:34:52     Author: DELIXI

Recently, Delixi Electric's Wuhu Central Warehouse obtained the carbon-neutral logistics certificate issued by Titanium Certification, becoming the first carbon-neutral logistics park in China's low-voltage electrical industry, and the first domestic carbon-neutral logistics park covering upstream transportation.

As the core unit of the zero-carbon supply chain, the logistics park is also an important "hub" for upstream and downstream linkages, and is a key scenario for realizing the "double carbon" goal. For this reason, Delixi Electric took the lead in promoting the carbon emission reduction path at the Wuhu base, and through green energy, energy efficiency optimization, resource recycling, carbon verification and other methods, it is possible to move towards "net zero".

Zero Carbon Emissions,Sustainable Development

Under the "double carbon" goal, green and sustainable "low-carbon logistics" will become an important starting point for the zero-carbon supply chain. Focusing on the sustainable development strategy of "people-oriented, promoting carbon neutrality and building a green ecological circle", Delixi Electric focuses on the concept of carbon footprint and the carbon reduction technology matrix of logistics parks, and promotes the achievement of carbon neutrality goals in logistics parks through innovation from multiple dimensions.

Green Energy

Vigorously promote photovoltaic projects, build photovoltaic street lights in the park, and at the same time purchase green electricity and international green certificates to achieve a green energy utilization rate of up to 30%.

Energy Optimization

Automatic control of lighting facilities

The infrared automatic control of the shelf area realizes the light on when people/forklifts pass by and the light off when people leave.

Fully electrified transportation

All means of transportation in the logistics park are fully electrified to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Energy visualization management

Through the introduction of an energy management system in the logistics park, comprehensive tracking and monitoring of energy consumption such as lighting, office, and forklift transportation, realizes energy visualization management, timely notification of abnormal situations, and analysis and improvement.

Resource Recycling

Follow the "10R" principle of recycling, through the recycling of plastic pallets, the recycling of wooden pallets, the saving of wrapping film, the recycling of cartons, the use of recycled and degradable materials for green packaging, and the green design of the entire life cycle of products, through innovative green Technology improves the process, saves the use of raw materials, and reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Carbon Verification

Actively disclose carbon emission information to the society, establish the carbon footprint of the product life cycle through carbon accounting, and regularly publish carbon footprint information.

Innovative Breakthroughs, Multiple Firsts

In terms of carbon-neutral logistics park construction, Delixi Electric has covered upstream transportation for the first time, monitored the full load rate of transportation vehicles, and conducted carbon verification to achieve carbon neutrality.

As an important link in the green development of the supply chain, the realization of carbon neutrality in the Delixi Electric Logistics Park has far-reaching significance for the green development of the industrial chain ecosystem, the sustainable logistics industry, and the virtuous cycle of the regional economy. In the future, Delixi Electric will continue to practice the mission of "navigator, innovator, and changer", fully respond to the "3060 double carbon" strategy, fully focus on carbon emission reduction, and attract upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain by taking the lead in realizing its own zero carbon Joint green carbon reduction, build a sustainable ecosystem, and achieve high-quality and sustainable development.

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